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Y2 Residence

Project : Y2 Residence
Location : Yenakard, Bangkok, Thailand.
Area : 900 sq.m.
Photographer : Rungkit Charoenwat; Panoramicstudio
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The owner of the house is a highly successful businessman and has a loving family with 3 children. They want to build a new house of 1000 sq m on 230 square wah of land located in the heart of the Sathorn-Yen Akat area. This plot of land is 19 meters deep and 48 meters wide. However, there is some concern according to Feng Shui principles: the entrance road is a three-way road, which can cause discomfort. Therefore, we decided to design a layout that separated the house into the left side or the service area (combined with the road) and the right side or the main residence.

Inside the house, you are welcomed with a 16m wide garage without pillars. It can park up to 6 cars with panoramic
views of the large lawn and gardens. You can also hear thesound of flowing water cut off from the hustle and bustle of Sathorn Road. The black silk walls are set vertically and contrast with the greenery giving a peaceful feeling like being in a resort. In order to conserve space and keep the maid-laundry service section separate from the main residence, this wall actually conceals it on two floors.

On the way into the house after passing the parking lot, it can accommodate an additional 4 guest cars or a free
space for the children as well. Homeowners will then find an antique car exhibition room filled with priceless artifacts. The sound of swimming from the 21-meter swimming pool can reachus as we getcloser to the shoe removal area. For relaxation, homeowners can swim in an air bubble and Jacuzzi. The length of the living room balcony is parallel to the location of the swimming pool. There's a multipurpose room at the end of the walkway that leads to a shallow swimming pool.

The main living room is a key connection to the horizontal space with a structure spanning 11 meters wide. The walls
are all glass. One embedded wall runs parallel to the swimming pool and garden. It can move wide to connect internal-external spaces. On the other side is a fixed glass door with a clear view of the trees in the center of the house with no aluminum frame lines. It can connect vertical spaces with a large and open double volume, from a living sofa, dining table to an island. The kitchen is elegant with a bookmatch stone wall and vertical stone pantry. The exterior court and the interior staircase are connected by the garden court's walls, which are composed of charred Japanese pine.

The steps are made of white marble. White railing made from 10mm thin steel plate continuing up to the vertical
space. It was against thelight of the skylight coming down. It can emphasize the roughness of the burnt wood wall with white and black trim. The smoothness and roughness and the green of the plants are the uniqueness of this house. The second floor is separated into two parts: the children's bedroom and the master bedroom. The corridor extends parallel to the court and is visible from below the living room to give you another look at the ambiance before you go into the bedroom. The 3rd floor has two more children's bedrooms.

The external shape is a solid mass of alternating white aluminum slats. It blends in with the green of the treetops while
enhancing privacy from the outside. The 100*20mm white aluminum slats can be installed vertically without horizontal frames, providing an elegant look when contrasted with the rough blackened Japanese pine for a charming contrast. All materials in this house cover only white-gray-black tones for elegance but still have warmth from wood materials such as gray laminate ceilings, gray engineered wood floors or black burnt pine wood